Knit baby blankets with matching beanies

This knit blankie/beanie set is super easy and fast, and super duper cute.  Long ago, I had 2 knit blankies for my little ones and they were my favorite.  

The beanie pattern I printed from Zaaberry.  I did think it was a bit too small so I enlarged it a bit by adding some to the seam allowance.

These are the two sizes.

Serge around the edges of the blanket.  No hems.  Don't forget to pull the serger tails through the serged edge to hide them.  You could also dab with some fray check so they don't come out.

See - all hidden.

This set is a must try!


  1. these are so cute.
    p.s. I'm jealous you have a serger.


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