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Sewing With My New Cricut Maker

My first sewing project with my new Cricut Maker was so much fun!  This cutting machine is my new favorite sewing toy!  I chose to make a Simplicity pattern offered as one of the projects in Cricut Design Space.

The process was really easy.  I chose my project, connected my computer to the Cricut Maker, and followed the instructions.  There is an assembly PDF to go along with all the sewing patterns, so I kept my computer nearby so I could refer to the instructions easily. There is also an option to print the instructions if you prefer that.

The first thing you have to do is prepare your fabric by pre-washing it and pressing it a bit to insure that it's nice and flat.  Then cut your fabric in 12" x 24" pieces to fit on the pink fabric grip mat.  Be sure to check the instructions, and cut your fabric with the grain line going in the right direction.

With the rotary blade and the washable fabric pen in place, you're ready to load the cutting mat, and start cutting.  A…

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