Halloween projects - 2010 & 2011

These are the fun fabrics for last years Halloween project.

Bean bags.  Two of each fabric for a total of 10.

I used a water bottle as a funnel, and popcorn as a filling.  I like the size of the popcorn and if the bean bags get left out overnight, they don't swell up like bags filled with beans.

Matching drawstring bag.

This year we had a visitor for Halloween.

I was given this little Halloween charm pack from a friend for my birthday!  All I had to do way lay the squares out,

 stack them into rows,

 and stitch them all together.
 Of course there always has to be something to slow things down.

That's better.  The backing is some muslin that I picked up at a garage sale for pennies.

I used the striped fabric from the bean bags for the binding.

PS. If a bat decides to rest of your front doorstep, don't touch it.  It turns out that our little friend had rabies as we later found out from animal control.  Be careful and have a happy Halloween!


  1. I can't believe the bat came to visit again! That is such a cool picture of him. You are so creative Momma :)


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