Fabric field trip

I went recently to this great fabric store in LA with a friend!

Wall to wall and floor to ceiling fabrics. Way too many choices - just the way I like it.

This is just part of the shirtings section. They probably had at lease 50 different versions of white, not to mention all the other colors.

This was one of my favorite wools. Great for a fall skirt I think.

Another great wool. Love the houndstooth.

There was a great selection of velvet ribbons,

and the zippers.....................loved all of them!

I'm always drawn to yellow.

What a great store. It was fun to see all the great fabrics, and log them away in the back of my mind for a time when I have just the right piece of clothing to make.

Thanks Paula for coming along with me to Mood. I had a really fun time.

Check out the store for yourself here. Or take you own on-line tour here.


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