Spandex volleyball shorts - first try

Rebekah spotted some hot pink spandex at the fabric store a couple of weeks ago. She wanted me to make her some volleyball shorts for a camp she is attending this week.

Step 1: Use other spandex shorts as a guide.

Step 2: Make a pattern from other spandex shorts. If they turn out well, I can use the pattern over and over. I put the front and back side seams right up against each other - eliminating the need for a side seam.

Step 3: Cut out the shorts.

Step 4: Stitch up the inseams and the crotch.

I zig-zagged the seams with my stitch width on 1, then opened up the seam and stitched right down the middle with the stitch width on 4. The seams are very narrow and flat. I could have trimmed them down even more.

Step 5: Hem the legs and make a casing for the elastic at the waist.

I inserted the elastic into the casing as I was sewing it, and inserted a ribbon tag. A one-step waistband.

All set and ready to go! Very cute Rebekah - I think the hot pink was a great idea!


  1. No way! I want some! They look really cute :) But seriously...make me some??

  2. Seriously we need to make a few of these for the little girls to wear under their dresses - do you know how much I paid for a pair of these a few years ago!!! WAY too much! black, red, blue, pink, !!!!

  3. Wow! these are so cute! I was looking for workout leggings and I came across these, I am so happy right now. And it was definitely a great idea, she looks really nice in these hot pink shorts. I will gift it to my daughter as well. She will love it.


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