Rachel remakes

Rachel has always loved this skirt of mine. I've had it for years and years. I'm guessing I made it in the early 1990's. It's pretty small in the waist, and she doesn't like wearing it at her natural waist, so something had to be done.

First, she unpicked the waistband. All the pleats needed to be let out. Each and every one, all the way around. There must be about 12.

Here you can see the difference from the previous picture. See how far apart the black stripes are now that she let out each pleat? I sent her some of the old scrap fabric I had saved and she made a new waistband and put it all back together.

Why to go Rachel! It looks really good, and is ready to be worn for another decade.


  1. the stripes of the waistband don't match up perfectly :( Oh well.

  2. Wow, don't tell me you're a perfectionist! Who would have guessed?


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