TV cabinet redo

The new TV wouldn't fit in the old TV cabinet. New stands can be very expensive, so we opted for the Goodwill approach.

We found this old brown cabinet. It's pretty ugly, but has potential.

Complete with ugly knobs.

There was only one flaw, on the inside of one door, which was fixable.

We painted it black, inside and out.

Added some new knobs,

and there you have it. A new cabinet for the new TV at a fraction of the cost!

Solid wood old cabinet at Goodwill: $25.00
New knobs: $7.00 for 2
Black paint: already had it
Side note: Now I get to use the old TV cabinet for my sewing supplies :)


  1. How pretty!!!!! - I never noticed the TV or the stand in your house!!! Shows how observant I am!!!


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