Dress progress

After Rebekah left for school, I went back and trimmed the neckline seam, and understiched it.

Look how beautifully the lining sits behind the fabric when you understitch. It doesn't roll to the front when you're wearing it.

Ready for the sleeves now.

The sleeves are sewn and ready to be put on. I lined them the same way as the bodice front and back, then understitched. They look nice with lining instead of a hemline.

Sleeves on at 10:00 a.m. The first one went on without a hitch, but the second one kept getting a pinch around the shoulder. These are set-in sleeves that have to be eased in around the shoulder. It only took me four tries. Love it when things go well. Hate it when they don't.

Time for a shower and some other chores, then back to the dress to put on the skirt and the zipper.


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