Tim's Hawaiian bermuda shorts - Simplicity 7399

Tim had been after me for weeks to help him make some Hawaiian print shorts for our spring beach camping trip. I chose this pattern (from 1967) because it was simple. One pattern piece that is both the pants front and back (no side seam). Tim picked out the fabric. We had to enlarge it slightly to fit him. We cut the pants front side of the pattern, moved it over two inches, then cut the pants back side of the pattern.

We also had to cut it at bermuda length. I explained all this to Tim, and he understood everything.

He did all the cutting himself.

Good job zig zagging those seam allowances. Everything neat and tidy here.

Here Tim is putting the elastic into the waistband casing. Notice the red grosgrain ribbon he used as a tag for the back of the shorts. Tim, you are so clever
Hemming the shorts was quick.

And wah-lah, they're done!

Hawaiian bermuda shorts in action.

Good job Tim. I think Peter in NYC better watch out!


  1. Wow Tim, those are awesome....I think Alex made a pair exactly the same! Oh no wait, those were yours!

  2. so impressed that Tim wanted to do this!


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