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Beach Tote Liner

Summer may be officially over, but my beach trips aren't!  Some of the my nicest trips to the beach have been in November and December.  Even on Christmas Day!
I saw this vinyl woven tote at Target early in the season, and knew it would go on clearance eventually.  Sure enough it did and I snatched it up and made a quickie fabric liner to keep the sand out.

Here's how I made it (you could use this method for lining any bag or basket).
I measured around the perimeter and added enough for two seam allowances.  I cut my fabric at that measurement x wof.  I stitched up both sides of the fabric with RST using the seam allowance measurement that I had added in.  I finished the seam with a zig zag stitch along the edge (didn't want to get my serger out).

I measured the width of the inside of the tote.  My bag is 6" wide on the inside.

I folded the fabric so the side seam was flat against the bottom of the bag RST.  This creates a triangle.  I placed my ruler at the 6" …

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